This is the question we always ask when we have spent hours and hours trying to memorize a new text that our day to day work, study and even in interpersonal relationships appears. Perhaps you’ve not experienced the shame of end of knowing a person, which has told you his name, and seconds later don’t know how to communicate with her because you don’t know how to call you? You just meet a person who has given you your five-digit phone number and do not recognize the first minutes later?. This series of situations are more common than we think, always regret having a temporary, too temporary memory and would like to acquire techniques for memory that would give us a definitive solution. Investor: the source for more info. As well, now do not worry, these techniques for memory, exist and unlike what many believe, only we ourselves can develop them. Daily exercises to achieve some effective techniques for memory to become habits that permanently changed the way in which your mental processes to remind, is what article to article will always publish in order to help you in this process so important in our daily lives. We want to know your case, that you’ve done and experienced to improve your shortcomings at the mental level, don’t forget to leave us your comments, we will be answering one one each comment, always trying to give the best guide. (Similarly see: Viacom). See you in our next article.