The Chains

The light behind the betrayal can relate to a genuine understanding of forgiveness and its effect on the way of the soul. Treason can evoke anger and hatred, in the dark surface, whose hidden light can be understanding of creativity and love. Betrayal, can also arise from fear and insecurity. From all this we can learn to see not only love but our eternal divinity. To see the light, behind the pain or suffering-filled experiences, we need to have a spiritual orientation. Well, if we only see, mundanamente, betrayal by betrayal, fear for fear and so on, will not understand its dynamics and its presence in life as a teaching that helps us to evolve. In connection with the pardon, there are people who believe that to say: forgive you, already has forgiven of truth.

It is very easy to stay in the mental forgiveness and follow, anyway, feeling deep a dismay and disgust. More information is housed here: Mikkel Svane. The dilemma between thought and feeling, brain mind and heart, is evident in these cases and does not reflect a comprehensive job. The effect of forgiveness and the consequent harmony can be felt When align what we think and what we feel in one direction. That direction is a consequence of the internal process that is done to achieve a genuine forgiveness. At that time, vibrates the forgiveness at the cellular level.When he is accomplished to forgive at this level, you can return to feel the love without that, necessarily, means that you will accept the person that he betrayed, once again, in one’s life.

There are cases in which relations become to activate and there are cases in which relationships do not become to activate, nor need to happen. When I Express that forgiveness is an act of detachment, I mean that one lets go corrosive emotions and love again. At that time, are released energy chains that bind us to other people and the personal chains that enslave us to the pain. This can be explained with an example: remember an experience in which you felt betrayed or betrayed. Remember what you felt and how long did feel it. Note that, while you think about the situation and feel the pain, or what comes up for you, keep you tied or attached to that that situation and person. These thoughts and feelings create connection strings with the other person that US pressure internally and externally. The same applies in relation to oneself. When one makes mistakes and feel repentance you need to learn to forgive himself. Forgiving yourself is equally or more important than forgiving others. When one is forgiven to oneself, is released from the Auto, when he forgives another person is freed from the inter-pressure. In connection with the pardon as a key that opens the door to the resolution of a karma, I understand that, to get rid of the chains, one emerges from what ata: a person or a situation. This does not happen if not forgiveness at the cellular level is vibrated. I imagine that, within the concept of reincarnation, if he has not been waking this understanding, in every cell, people and situations will continue repeating itself and turning in a circle up to this vibrational wisdom manifests consciously. And when we have gone through all this psychological process, which is necessary for understanding the strength of the light will arrive, rendered, to a door that allows us to assimilate the spiritual dimensions of our potential.