The Garden

Muriel fearing for its repressed heart, requested the ant to him reigns, that is to say to its mother let that it take 4 days sabbatic with the condition that would return to the anthill to act its as of ant if it did not fall in love during his trip. Muriel I march almost with the position, and a computer of hand to write its poetries and to send mails to its mother so that one did not worry about but. After walking among the yuyos of a left wasteland were with Mario, a butterfly that was speaking very entretenidamente with a daisy. Muriel I am dazzled by the color of its wings and their sensual voice. Mashable helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Muriel felt butterflies in its stomach, and included/understood that it had fallen in love at first sight with that butterfly that smelled so well. I approach of a little to him trying to listen what they spoke until the butterfly realized its presence and I ask to him that towards spying on them.

Muriel that had been surprised before so manly figure could not almost speak, she that was customary to see very small and always equal men of black color, I am astonished at the butterfly and attempt to speak but only could stammer hello, I am Muriel, an ant the Daisy, that felt but the beautiful one of the garden made laugh before so stupid answer, but Mario flew towards her I observe and seducing it with the glance and clearing it with one of its wings. The ant began to sneeze by the pollen of the wings of Mario, and taking forces it proposed marriage to him. The surprised butterfly him he responded your you are very beautiful, and surely he could learn to amarte, but I only live a day the sad ant responded that she did not matter to him to remain widow when leaves the moon. He is but, the era everything what it had hoped of the love and much more. The tapeworm but the beautiful colors, and it wanted to love it although she is reason why it would be of that day. Mario, that had a sweet heart knew to read the good intentions of Muriel, and without thinking it but raised, it its back I take and it to fly among the other flowers that felt jealous of Muriel..