The Setting

The General advertising and sponsorship ban”outside of the legally qualified sales sites prevent a market communication to consumers, which is an integral part of the sales capacity on a given market at any other product group man as a whole. In addition to this general advertising and sponsorship ban”is the so-called consumption ban gradually introduced in recent years” to call for tobacco. You have the opportunity taken here to present alternative offers through the General introduction of smoking bans in public areas of the economy in General. Who would take some damage if you to a certain extent about Smokers – hair salons “would allow legally? One would have quite all of those areas, where the most common practice”demands such exceptions, can exempt from the General smoking ban, without compromising the entire system. All the more clearer, you could focus in contrast, its focus on youth and health and safety in educational institutions, etc.. In the gastronomy, the problem of standards competition grows up in there standardised so-called consumption ban for tobacco here for some time. How do you deal in the future with catering businesses, which although are allowed to sell the tobacco act the tobacco monopoly, it is prohibited to them but at the same time pursuant to the tobacco act under penalty, also by the consumers eat the bought tobacco at the facility”to make? The practice-oriented control of section 40 is TECO out leveraged the tobacco monopoly law 1996 created with his section 40 a practical scheme for selling tobacco in a commercial environment, where the tobacco for immediate consumption has the Consumers will demand. The sale of tobacco products is a qualified commercial benefit, based on the tobacco monopoly law here. The legal way to keep filing an offer is adapted to the demand for restaurateurs. As the pricing and the distribution of economic benefit in tobacco products are set by law, it has also integrated restaurateurs through the setting of a mandatory surcharge of at least 10% as a qualified reseller in this system.