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Annual Climate Chart Jan Mayen: the red curve represents the curve of the temperature and the blue curve, the precipitation
Satellite view of the island of Jan Mayen and the streets of von Karman vortices materialized cloud shaped by the eddies that are directed towards the southeast.
Jan Mayen is located in a high-latitude and in contact with two ocean currents and air masses associated one coming from the north, the cold East Greenland, which will dry the air and the burden of icebergs in March at odds with the North Atlantic Current, coming from the south, much wetter. This means that the island has a polar climate softened by the maritime influence that sometimes frequent storms and persistent fog .
Heat is also affected by the position of the northern island above the Arctic Circle with the appearance of the polar night (with complete darkness) noviembrea mid-January and end of the midnight sun (solar disk full) mid-May to late July.
Mean monthly temperatures (red curve diagram of the climate varies from 4.9 C in August to -6.1 C in February and March, with an annual average of -1.4 C. The extreme temperatures recorded in the island are -28.4 C (February 1965) and 18.1 C (June 1953). Rainfall (blue curve diagram of climate) are relatively rare, with an annual average of 613 mm. Rainfall monthly range between 36 mm to 83 mm in June and October. The rainfall, combined with the low temperatures are favorable for the formation and maintenance of the ice fields in the Beerenberg.
Isolated in the middle of the ocean, the Jan Mayen island is not protected from the wind catabatic arriving directly from the Arctic north of Greenland to the west. Often, the temperature is suffering due to a phenomenon of thermal sensation decreasing the temperature in C with a 20A windy 102.6 km / h. The wind from the north may be the origin of an orographic cloud forming lenticular clouds and above can cause a street of von Karman vortex encounter andalusia the Beerenberg. The cells formed by the swirling phenomenon can reach 25 kilometers in diameter and persist over hundreds of miles, then doing the dangerous approach to Jan Mayen to the aircraft coming from the south . / Spanish provide weather forecasts in the world, as well as maps and reports of local climate of North America and South America.
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