basketball or basketball is a team sport, usually played indoors, in which two sets of five players each try to score points (or baskets) throwing a ball, of way to fall through one of two baskets or baskets suspended above their heads at each end of the runway. The team that scores more points, making shots from the field or area of free throws, wins the match. Due to its dynamic, spectacular actions and frequency of scoring, is one of the sports with the highest number of spectators and participants in the world. TRACK AND EQUIPMENT: The measurements of the runways or basketball courts differ slightly from country to country, in any case, is a rectangular area with dimensions ranging from 29 by 15 m to 22 by 13 m at each end is a vertical panel of about 2 1 m which is anchored in a wall, ceiling suspended or otherwise mounted so that its lower edge is at 2.7 m above the ground. The baskets or baskets are firmly attached to the panels at a height of 3 m above the playing surface, each has a diameter of 46 cm and consists of a horizontal metal hoop, whose rim hangs a white mesh net.The official ball is leather or nylon, weighs 567 to 624 g and has a circumference of about 76 centimeters. A conventional basketball team, which is led by a coach, is composed of center, power forward, forward, guard and base.In the beginning of a game the players are positioned around a central circle of 61 cm radius in the center of the track, except one player per team, which stands at the center of it to try to gain possession in the kickoff. RULES: The rules of the game change frequently to try to give more speed to their actions, increase the score and reduce the advantages of teams with very tall players. Different rules governing international basketball, the university, the school, professional and female in America.In 1971 women’s basketball rules were changed and became more like those of the men’s matches. The matches are supervised by referees, scorekeepers and timekeepers. GAME: The game begins when the referee tosses the ball into the air in the center circle where the centers from each team jump and try to hit the ball with his hands and pass it to their peers. The team that gets the ball tries to move toward the basket defended by its opponents to score and get two or three points, depending on the distance from where you pull the player.A player can move the ball or passing it on to a partner to run with it along the track and avoiding bot ndola opposing players. If a player runs with the ball without dribbling, commits an offense called steps, which gives possession of the ball the other team.