Windows Vista

Minimize all windows by "shaking". With this motion you can quickly roll up all open windows except the active one. To do this, "grab" the window that you want to leave, for the title and quickly drag it left and right, as if shaking. All the windows rolled up, will only then that you are "shaking". If you "shake" the same window a second time, all minimized windows are restored.

Aero-"look." Bring the mouse pointer to the button Collapse all windows (four square in the lower right corner near the clock) – all open windows become transparent, leaving only their outlines, and will be visible to your desktop. This Aero-"sight" helps you quickly see the desktop. Move the pointer click on the button Close all windows – everything back in its place. Gadgets, or all that remains of the sidebar. Innovation Windows Vista – Sidebar – went along with the widely criticized by the operating system Windows Vista. However, the left side panel something behind – namely, mini-applications or gadgets. Gadgets – these are small applets that are designed for quick and convenient presentation of everyday life, important or entertaining information.

As a part of Windows 7 has 9 such mini-applications. To add any of them to the desktop, you must right-click on any empty area and select Desktop from the pop-up menu Gadgets. This opens a window with the existing gadgets Just drag your favorite mini-application from the windows on the desktop or double-click on the desired gadget. As a result, it will automatically be placed on the desktop. Some Gadgets are the settings window, where you can set the parameters of his work. To open it, click on the icon to the right of the border applications. Notice at the bottom of the collection of mini-programs Find a link gadgets on the Internet. Clicking on it brings you to the official website of Microsoft, which contains a gallery of additional gadgets. Read more from Sandra Akmansoy to gain a more clear picture of the situation. You can download any of them. After downloading the file, double click on it to unattended. Source: