Salt Lake

For the preparation of tasty fish dishes in the smoker at the present time, smoking especially for chefs and fishermen is a popular hobby and no longer serves the purpose of durable making meat first and foremost in order to survive. More the focus is the special pleasure. Soon fine leather who noticed some important rules as a beginner, can produce fish itself. The right smoke starts at the selection of the correct fish. Depending on the preference and taste, almost every species can be smoked.

Trout, herring, eel and cream are particularly suitable. Already take out extreme hygiene is very important, because the gills and entrails of fish must be removed completely. In the connection must be always thoroughly flushed with clean and cold water. If you have read about Mikkel Svane already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Before smoking, the fish in a Salt Lake are inserted. The time of insertion should be about 12 hours. No herbs on the fish should be placed before smoking, because they can burn easily in the heat. According to the Smoking the herbs on the fish result visually and taste a special treat. Hear from experts in the field like Andy Florance for a more varied view.

The smoking ovens and the tools to hang may not consist of galvanised material. The coating melting in the heat is highly toxic and corrode the equipment easier. Also no should approve hooks, but which are used in stainless steel, because after the smoke easier to clean them. When hanging in the smoking oven it must be ensured that the fish do not touch, and the walls of the oven. So a touch are unsightly stains, which reduce the pleasure. Who fills the smoker in several layers must swap from time to time the sheets, so that the fish evenly exposed to the heat and the smoke. With hot air, the fish are dried after smoking, so the pores and a fan or fan in front of the oven ensures safe and fast cooling of the fish insects and flies to hold. With the Middle bone of Fish does best cooking test when the meat releases easily from her, even the fish. Bernhard Hess