Adaptation Nursery

Almost all working parents, the question arises about the child's adaptation to kindergarten. After all, mom (or dad) need to go to work, and my grandmother (or grandfather) is still working, or can not sit all the time with her grandchildren. How can make Your child can safely be postponed as a period of adaptation in pre-school? Well, when you know exactly what your child is in municipal or departmental garden. Then since 1 year and may be even earlier, we must attend to the child developing sessions, where groups of 5-6 children. During these 1.5 years before the 'big' kindergarten child will understand and learn the basics of basic communication in the team. He sees that the boys behave differently, someone cries, someone selects toys, someone likes to draw, and someone likes to dance. For children from 1.5 years a group of part-time. Here, the kids leave for half a day.

Most often in the first half, before lunch. Having a child in such a group, you teach him to get up early, because reception children is carried out with 8.30 or 9.00 am. In such groups there is always developing classes and walks. Your child will get an idea of interacting with children and adults in the absence of a teacher mother. And then, after dinner, mother comes and takes away her child. And they have the whole day together. For those kids who can not get into the municipal garden, there are several options for the child's adaptation to the team.

As a rule, private mini-gardens are developing classes. When you choose a garden, which would give your child, you can negotiate with management to attend only those classes for the first time. Your baby will get used to the room for the boys to caregivers. And it will be much easier to stay later in the garden without a mother. After class, you can stay with the kid play a game with the kids for 20-30 minutes, or go along with them for a walk.