Alert System

Building Alert System: The systems, notice which are being implemented in various industrial enterprises and facilities must meet the high demands on reliability and operation in harsh environments. In this regard, the main aspect in the design of public address systems is the choice of equipment, based on which it will built. One should note the following: 1. equipment must meet all the above requirements and standards of regulatory authorities; 2. certifications 3. the flexibility to expand or system configuration, depending on the category of object that refers to radiation hazards, explosive atmosphere, chemically aggressive media, etc., are different on the complexity of the loud Alerts. 1. Gain insight and clarity with Samsung.

Objects that have in their composition process blocks all types of explosion, as well as technologically related objects other than loud warning systems are equipped with systems two-way speakerphone. An example of such a system is shown in Figure 1 Figure 1 on such objects, in addition to go should provide feedback to the technological areas, affordable ggs (speakerphone). A feature of such systems is warning area within a radius of 3 km. (For explosive objects) and a 5 km radius. (For objects with a radiation hazard).

Among other things go enterprises should be subject to local warning system through the P-166. 2. In industrial enterprises, whose activities are not a potential hazard, may be used public address system without feedback. Figure 2 Figure 2: Despite the no potential danger from the object in question, remains a necessary requirement for pairing with a local warning system to alert personnel about the dangers from outside.