Defrosting System

Refrigerators with manual defrosting thing of the past. Virtually all modern refrigerators with automatic defrosting system, which works in two ways: the formation of snow flying is simply not allowed (such systems are called "frivolous"), or frost is gradually removed (such systems are called "weeping"). "Windy" model provided by forced circulation of cold air: multi-directional flows air quickly and evenly cooled products. Condensation does not settle on the chamber walls, since moisture is derived out of it. In the simplest version of such a system often used in freezers. In Warehouse no frost frost settles only on the evaporator, which is not visible, and inside the freezer does not appear. The fan stops and starts every few working heater. The resulting water runs down the grooves in a special tray and then evaporates.

If you choose a refrigerator with a system of No Frost can be washed very rare (but still desirable to carry out cleaning at least once every six months). But do not forget to carefully packaging products for storage in of refrigerators, otherwise they quickly , and smells very quickly mixed. Among other things, these models are rather expensive and consume much electricity. Automatic Defrost constantly improved, and producers do not always give them romantic names. For example, the term 'multi-threaded cooling system', so often used by various manufacturers, this means that the chamber is cooled multidirectional flow of cold air.

This way of support in the chamber more uniform moisture and temperature. The so-called "weeping" or drip system defrosting refrigerator compartment is simple and effective and, therefore, used in modern models most often. At the time of the compressor at the rear cooler formed small ice.