Associated Press

The Associated Press, or AP is a news agency of United States. The AP is a cooperative suitable for newspapers, and radio and television stations from United States, who contribute stories and use the material written by the same, and founded in 1846. Several journalists and communication outside of United States subscribe to the AP “that means they pay for using the material of the AP but are not members of the cooperative.
The service agency is produced in five languages: English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish.
In 2005, the AP news Newspapers were used in 1700 and 5000 seasons of television and radio. His image library consists of over 10 million photographs. The AP and video games has 243 offices and reaches 121 countries and is also the news agency with the largest number of employees in over 120 countries. Also maintains the record in Pulitzer Prizes, with a total of 49.
Collapse United Press International in 1993 as the largest competitor, leaving independent home-entertainment distribution company the PA as the only news service based in the United States. The other competitors who also published TBI in English language, as the Brain Trauma Foundation British news investment firm agency Reuters and Agence France-Presse France have bases outside the United States.
The news on the Internet threatened the films financial structure of the AP. On April 18, 2005, in its annual reunion, the AP announced that since 2006, for the first time, begin charging separately for the publication of news and images on web pages. Previously, the AP material could be published online by the buyer at no extra charge. However, the cooperative then decided to abandon the plan and bring more readers to launch the website asap.
U.S. employees, except for a small group classified as “administrative” are represented by News Media Guild and Communication Workers of America.

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