How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Method 1. In order to understand how to get rid of cellulite, to start to understand what cellulite is and why it appears. Cellulite is a kind of change in the structure of adipose tissue. When there is metabolic disorders, the volume of fat cells increases and the molecules that are present in them, are included in the intercellular space. The result is not typical of subcutaneous fat filled lymphatic fluid, which zastaivayas, accumulates toxins. Disruptive to the blood supply and disposal of wastes. The result – bumpy skin that looks very reminiscent of orange peel. Suffer from cellulite and skinny thick, the men and women.

In 80-95% of women met cellulitis. So you are not alone in fighting this disease. Let us see why there is cellulite. Highlighted the main causes of cellulite, and it: – endocrine disorders (Eg, diabetes, reduced function of pancreatic and thyroid glands) – breach of protein metabolism – a sedentary lifestyle – poor diet – stress – fatigue. Before you begin treatment of cellulite, be sure to consult a beautician.

Because the causes of cellulite set and solve this problem can not always be only a cosmetic method. Cellulite treatments now are vast. In cosmetic salons offers mesotherapy, tsellyulipoz, anti-cellulite massage in combination with anti-cellulite creams and pressotherapy, as well as a rather exotic method girudoterapija. But if you're a pretty busy person and once you spend half a day to visit the beautician, or do you simply not enough money for a hike in a beauty salon, then I suggest you to solve the problem of cellulite at home.