Interior Design

The first thing a client sees the company by visiting its office or shop, it's a sign at the entrance. Of its kind created thing-the very first impression. See if your guests a vast glowing company logo in the wall of a building or a small, but stylish metal plate at the entrance – depends on the mood, with whom he enters into your office. Sign, in essence, a company's face, her business card and it can not be neglected. Meet, as they say, clothes There, you will not just make a plastic or metal plate, but also will help determine the design, create templates and pick the best one for your type of signage. And by type of signs can be divided into: – Usual signs.

Plastic or metal plates bearing the image of them. Good option for small kontorok or representations. – Three-dimensional signs. Usually used in the facade placed on the building, as well as in interior design. It can be great or not so letters with the logo of the company and anything else. These signs look very solid, and leave only the most positive impressions. – Signs with lighting. Most often, this volume signs with neon.

But, basically, if desired, can illuminate anything. For example, a conventional metal plate. Very popular in interior lighting signs. Correctly configured lighting logo firms in the Director's office looks very modern. Furthermore, signs and plaques can be divided by the materials from which they are made, the methods of processing, technology of images, etc. Manufacture of signs consists not only of modeling itself plates of metal. It is important that sign fit you in style, organically combined with the architecture of the building or office interior, and also evoked the right emotions and associations of a visitor. A this is a fine work of designers who can help you develop a better version of your signs. There are many advertising firms who are engaged in manufacturing signs and plaques. Before making an order at any