Modern Medical Developments

Ultrasound diagnosis for a long time is the safest for the patient and doctor and rapid method for studying the brain. This survey makes it possible to detect vascular pathology, tumors, foreign bodies, hematomas, increased intracranial pressure, abscesses, cysts, etc. Only here, this method is not ideal, more is not perfect. His credibility is poor: in the cranial bones are attenuation of ultrasonic radiation, and doctors have to 'look' on the brain via the so-called 'acoustic transparency window'. The world's first ultrasound scanner, with which you can get high-quality image of any of the investigated area of the brain through the thick skull bones, appeared recently in Russia. It is developed by our specialists 'AMM-2000', dedicated to the creation of ultrasonic devices for medical diagnostics. Equipment such klassane only intended for diagnostic studies, but also will allow for intravascular surgery, perform pre-and postoperative monitoring of the patient dispensary population survey for cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Technology 'ultrabrain' designed for transcranial diagnostics. With it you can install the sensor at any point on the surface of the skull. With the new method can be carried out exactly dispensary examination impossible for other methods, because of their health risks. The new ultrasound scanner will reveal the hidden disease not only in the brain, but also in other organs and tissues. 'Ultrabrain' diagnose any type of cancer, coronary heart disease, thrombosis, aneurysm of the aorta – a disease that in the early stages of anxiety patients almost do not give, but fraught with a mortal threat. In contrast, mri ultrasound scanner is much cheaper and can get it at any institution. In addition, qualified physician plays a lesser role because the results are more clear and precise, and the interpretation survey is much simpler and more objective. A new diagnostic method is safe, no doubt, will prove invaluable in monitoring the health of the patient in the pre-and postoperative period, and speed surveys will allow for scanning even during surgery. One can only hope that the search for an investor to launch 'Ultrabrain' into production does not drag on for many years and the new domestic medical devices on the right occupy its niche in the market medetsinskogo equipment, today totally occupied by large foreign producers.