Lingerie Seduced Frequently

Germany is now ready with its culture and above all running the Internet business. Sexy lingerie has become socially acceptable. This is a big market, which have understood the established luxury designer lingerie, offer to help today: Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Galliano, Dior. Previously, there were fewer opportunities, you could either buy something very cheap in the colors black, red and white, or from the classical area, neither fashionable nor exciting to use. Alone in the Little Switzerland women give € 650 million a year on clothes, of which the market share of erotic underwear for at least 20%, ie 124 million €. More and more women to lie down in style more alluring wardrobe for events. The desire for exclusive linen was never as big as now, as demonstrated by the trade magazine textile industry in figures. The proportion of erotic clothes (Straps and hosiery, see "textile") has tripled in the target population from 2000 to 2005.The market share of erotic underwear is approximately 15% of the total laundry, which is estimated in 2006 to approximately € 1.8 billion for Germany. Thus, in Germany is a growing market of approximately € 267 million ahead of us. Frighten the provocative designs can anyone more than the price tags: for example, if a fine rhinestone garter belt with 139.90 € is excellent. For this you also get the pure luxury of genuine Swarovski stones in a garter belt that comes with removable garters) (in the set to change, both black and white. By contrast, the "Nipplecovers" (self-adhesive nipple decorations) from Rhinestone almost a bargain. The initial problem that especially the German trade due to lack of risk appetite is not very accessible to new collections and concepts that brought the Cabari makers to sell across the entire value chain itself on the Web. And bringing with it the full margin. Cabari has successfully placed on the direct business on the Internet andExperience via exclusive champagne soiree in private homes or design hotel created. With success in the press and resounding word of mouth: Investing The typical customers Cabari on average around 150, – € per purchase. Purchases over € 600, – are not uncommon. In-Club newsletter about 72,000 addresses are stored. The inventors of Cabari are in the advertising and fashion industry and have a full-time commitment to the success actually initiated almost incidentally. "It was time to take chances and to create a store, like the Sophia Loren and James Bond would. The leading press sees clearly the same. VOGUE, ELLE, PRINCE, PLAYBOY, etc., all Cabari as a premium address in addition to LA PERLA and AGENT PROVOCATEUR. "Cites the founder Sabine Selalmazidis. In developing the concept was the individuality of the customers and the desire to buy sexy for luxury products in the foreground. After thorough research in the UK market, the founders raised in January 2005 their company in Germany from the baptism. When you start standing still as possible locationsLondon, Milan, Paris and Athens for discussion, where has a sensual lifestyle among consumers has a natural advantage. But just because the German market is only now developing, it was decided to Dusseldorf. The erotic and fine lingerie, accompanied by creative accessories, aimed at sophisticated, self-confident women. Nearly half of the customers are men who want to give away the comfort High quality. Trendy sexy chic in fine retro style of the 20, 40, 50s. Cabari The collection is designed by a creative team, which is distributed to international studios in Dusseldorf, London and Milan. The management is based in Dusseldorf, the customer service in Rotterdam. Cabari is a commitment to European quality.It is mainly produced at selected addresses in Europe: The subjects are from the studio failed to obtain from some stars such as Paco Rabanne and Jack Nicholson Their collections, formed in London rhinestone rhinestone masks and riding crops, where their Vivienne Westwood Accessoriescan produce.