Marketing Guru

Naming issues are also addressed in the book Boyetov "marketing guru", but the book itself is dedicated to all the same marketing, rather than naming. With a huge variety of home books on marketing, the topic of naming them affected very little – dedicating it to, basically, a few paragraphs, is full of books on the naming of Russian authors, unfortunately, are not. This is due, presumably, with very small amounts until the naming of the market and not yet fully overcome the reluctance of domestic companies to invest in this area. Pay more attention to naming Valentin pepper and lily Mamleeva in his book "Branding. Course for Young Amateurs. " The publication, as well as attached to him a cd, you can find articles about naming and templates briefs. The book, in fact, is the first practical guide for developing brands. In The author presents her proven in over 5 years to more than 200 projects step by step procedure to create a working brand.

The authors sought to turn the process of creating a brand of "creativity", which is impossible to control and send in the "technology" that gives real results. Russian authors write about naming until only the articles, which sometimes appear in periodicals – magazines specialized in marketing, advertising, pr. It's magazines "Marketing", "Advertising Ideas", "advertising technologies, Identity, Trade News" and other similar media. Keep up the appearance of these articles – "rare bird", of course, quite difficult. Those who wish to obtain "Everything and more" still learning English and access to a very impressive list of foreign literature.