New Enterprise

Thus, the developer of replicable solutions can produce the same application for use in organizations of different scale – from the user perspective in all of these options applied solution (configuration) will work the same way. One of the most significant innovations of the 1C: Enterprise 8 is the implementation of a modern 3 tier client-server architecture. In the 1C: Enterprise 7.7 in a client-server version of the infobase software running on your computer, appealed directly to the database in the medium MS SQL Server. The new versions on one computer running the server 1C: Enterprise, a program running in the user interacts with the server 1C: Enterprise, and the server if necessary, appeals to the database server. To know more about this subject visit Samsung. Using the server 1C: Enterprise allows you to concentrate on its implementation of most bulk data processing operations. For example, in the performance of even very complex queries, a program running the user will only receive it needs the data selection, and all the intermediate processing will be executed on the server. The physical server 1C: Enterprise and the database server may be located on one computer or on different computers. This allows administrator when necessary to balance the load between servers.

Another important aspect of a 3-tier architecture is the ease of administration and ordering of users' access to information base. In this embodiment, the user must know the physical location or configuration of the database. All access through the server 1C: Enterprise. When referring to a particular knowledge base the user should only specify the server name and the name of the knowledge base, and the system asks for, respectively, the username and password.