New Modality

An occurrence modality that comes calling the attention, so that the responsible parents or still guide better its excessively integrant children and of the family, comes to be the stroll in Shopping Center, Parks, Houses of Shows, Theaters, in end, everything what it involves entertainment and that has participation of diversified public. For example I go to cite cinemas of Shopping Center; gangs are if infiltrating between the young, if approaching, alleging to be making research, the subject is interesting and initiates the collection of the information, as name, cellular telephone, address, fixed and residential telephone, name of the parents and discrete they write down some characteristics as the clothes, color of the hair and excessively details that despertem the attention of the same ones. Before the beginning of the session they ask for so that the participants of the research disconnect the cellular telephone in order not to bother the other people during the exhibition of the film. Soon after the entrance in the projection room, them waits some minutes enters in contact with the cellular one of the person interviewed, to confirm if this exactly off and they initiate the contacts with the familiar ones of ‘ ‘ vtimas’ ‘ When of the linking the meliantes, to put to possess all information, say the full name, already provoking panic in the familiar ones, the characteristics collected visually during the interview and the outlaw say still ‘ ‘ it binds for its son (a) if it finds that I am lying, n. of it is 8888-6666! At this moment you already this soon to make everything what the outlaw to ask for to it. The recommended one is that the less information we will be able to disponibilizar for the outlaws best, then instructs its familiar and friends not to answer no research or interview in the streets and nor to supply information that can be used against itself. It never disconnect the cellular one, it looks for leaves it on in the quiet position or so that simply it lights the light, thus when of the act of receiving of any linking, its familiar ones will know that at least cellular this on one with the possibility of, at least, to change messages SMS. This form to act already he comes being used has times, but the outlaws always find alternatives for spoon the information that will be transformed into strategy of action against the society, that of tied hands, are the grace of the outlaws. Being thus, each time more we must preventing in them and to look for to expose all well-taken care of the possible minimum therefore is little still more that the level of intelligence of the outlaws this increasing.