The Subject

Singer of music in question speaks a little on the author/and on the subject treated in question. After that, with the aid of a computer, it dates show and sound device, executes the clip of music. Soon after the first execution, delivers the letter of the music that will be used for the choice of the certain word sung by the singer. It clarifies that the first execution will be only so that they follow the letter of music and that in the third execution of music she is that they will be able to initiate the choice of the words. As soon as to finish the second execution, starts third, giving pauses and coming back up to two times in the maximum each part, so that they can select the word. It always comes back to the start of music and stops in the following point. To the end, with the aid of an activity online, found in the available site in the following address: , it makes the correction in the proper computer with the aid of all the pupils.

After that, it executes music in question one more time, without the presentation of the clip so that they do not arrest the attention in the telo. To guide the pupils so that they hear music in house so that they come prepared to the next lesson. They will be able to lower music in specific programs of web, as Airs, to lower for cellular or mp5 and its similars or still to use itself of simpler resources, as to ask for music in the radio and in accordance with to record it the resources of each one. At as a moment, that is, in the second lesson, the professor will make the reading of the letter of music and will use of the vocal and musical resources that to dominate or of another person, to teach the pupils to sing music.