Wall Street

There is no venue like Wall Street to make money! Buy when prices are low and keep their actions people seem to not understand these simple principles.Do not buy when prices are low. They fear them bids. J. (A valuable related resource: Peter Asaro ). Paul Getty last night on CNBC The Billionaire Next Door, a TV Viewer program challenged Warren Buffett: he said that the strategy of buy and hold (buy and hold) not already served in these times. Buffet response was that he owned shares of companies for 40 years and had so badly not gone.

But of course, did not mention that all the technology rally dot com era faded, but yes he admitted having committed errors as having bought ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) at the top of the price of crude oil, commodity that he was still seeing bullish, having touched $140. Anyway, your strategy whatever (confidential information, strategic vision, corporate information, luck or reading of the lunar cycles) reported you to establish itself as one of the undisputed when it comes to draw large fortunes derived from stock markets referents. He also noted that for more than that the economy is not showing signs of life in United States, does not mean that investors must be away from the stock market for the long term. It is there it has been no better time to make money in Wall Street now. The United States Government is taking money from the world (mostly Chinese) and downloading in its economy. Companies are rationalizing structures and cutting costs, after having lived the easy life of the credit and the abundant money.

An exaggerated cycle capacity and abundance, which as a whole cycle must give way to the next. And the stage that we live today is contraction and minimization of costs. Although certain financial institutions have extended excesses and followed by rewarding executives who led their institutions to be on the verge of falling, because they are still living free money, i.e.