How To Properly Use Fingerprint Reader Technology ?

The proper use of fingerprint reader for the registration and fingerprint authentication and a device with good maintenance are crucial for optimum performance in fingerprint recognition. To reduce the number of false rejections, you must properly place the finger on the fingerprint reader when you register and authenticate the fingerprint. During both processes, should be placed fingertip (not the tip or the side) in the center of the window of the reader device, so as to maximize the area of the finger in contact with the scanner window. Press firmly and evenly.

Pressing too hard will distort the mark, very light pressure will produce a weak mark, which can not be used.

Do not move your finger from side to side. The proper pressure is the same as you would exercise if he wanted to hold a sheet of paper between his fingers. To complete the reading of his mark, keep your finger position until you see flashes of light of the reader. When the light flashes, you can lift a finger. If the reader effectively capture their mark, as indicated by the flash of light, but the application refuses to read again and again, you must re-register the mark. Kam VedBrat recognizes the significance of this. How to clean the fingerprint reader? The condition of the fingerprint reader window has a great impact on the ability of it to get a good reading of a fingerprint. Speaking candidly Energy Capital Partners told us the story.

Depending on use, the scanner window will require periodic cleaning. To clean, apply on the gummed side window of a transparent adhesive tape, and then remove. Warnings maintenance Fingerprint Reader: There are several things you should never do when cleaning or use the fingerprint reader: Do not put glass cleaner directly on the fingerprint reader window. Use a very soft cloth.

Do not use alcohol based cleaners. May only use glass cleaners based on ammonium. No fingerprint reader immerse in liquid. Do not rub the window with abrasive materials, including paper. Do not push the glass sensor with your fingernail or any object such as: a pencil. Frequent problems in fingerprint recognition Fingerprint Reader If you have difficulty reading their mark, consider the following: The fingerprint reader window may need cleaning. You may not be touching the fingerprint reader correctly. For the fingerprint reader can make a good reading of your fingerprint, place the tip of your finger (not the tip or the side) in the center of the window and apply even pressure. Do not move your finger from side to side. Too much pressure will distort the mark, too light and pressure sufficient to avoid exposure of his mark. Be sure to keep your finger in position on the fingerprint reader window until you see the flashing light. Then, lift your finger. You can use any finger on the fingerprint reader, but the index finger of either hand works best. If the fingerprint reader is capturing its footprint (yes light flashes), and has already dealt with all the above steps, try to register the mark in the system.